About Us

When it was found

In 1999 the then Ministers of Higher and Basic Education started a process that was aimed at coordinating the activities of the Open and Distance Learning institutions in Namibia.

By 2001, a smart partnership was established between the following institutions:

  • Ministry of Basic Education and culture
  • Namibia University of Science and Technology
  • UNAM

This led to creation of the Namibian Open Learning Network Trust (NOLNet). For which its primary goal is to provide tangible support for ODL (Open Distance Learning) students through a network of affiliated resource centres and libraries.

Mission Statement

  • NOLNet's aim is to support, coordinate and monitor the establishment and maintenance of a network of open learning centres throughout the country at which certain facilities will be shared and services offered on a collaborative basis on behalf of participating institutions.
  • To facilitate collaboration between participating open and distance learning institutions in the training of staff and the provision of administrative and student support services.
  • To facilitate coordination of publicity, counselling, the provision of information and documentation about the activities, courses and services of all participating institutions.
  • To liaise with government with regards to funding, policy formulation and the promotion of open and distance learning in Namibia.
  • To liaise with partners and other bodies with regard to funding and the promotion of open and distance learning in Namibia.
  • To engage in any other activities which, in the opinion of the Trustees, will promote the object and the purpose of the trustees.


  • To ensure NOLNet’s sustainability.
  • To strengthen support services for all ODL students within NOLNet.
  • To enhance the use of Information and Communication Technology in NOLNet Partner Institutions and NOLNet Affiliated Centres.
  • To strengthen advocacy for ODL activities at all levels.
  • To promote Quality Assurance in ODL.
  • To optimise collaboration and networking in ODL
  • To promote research amongst NOLNet Partner Institutions.