The function of the Standing Committee is to advise Management on matters related to the use of ICT for education, training and development at the Ministry of Education and NOLNet partner institutions. It promotes and coordinates e-Learning activities of NOLNet partners and rolls out other e-Learning activities on behalf of ETSIP for the Ministry of Education.

Standing Committee on eLearning

Ms. Antoinette Wentworth- NUST (Chairperson)

Ms. Alexia Nakaziko- NAMCOL (Vice-Chairperson)

Mr. Maurice Nkusi- NUST

Ms. Helvi Wheeler- NUST

Ms Anneliese Groenewald- UNAM

Ms Mistilde Jonas- DAE-MoEAC

Mr Daniel Ramoswaane- MHETI

Mr Tomas Nashiku-MHETI

Ms Sonja Joseph- UNAM

Ms. Olga Maartens- NIED

Mr S Lilungwe- NIED

Ms. Louw Wilhelmina- NAMCOL

Ms E. Scheepers- NAMCOL