Education Radio Projects

The function of the Standing Committee is to advise Management on matters related to the production and broadcasting of educational radio programmes, as well as the production and distribution of content on CDs and DVDs.

Education Radio is a multi-sectoral initiative initiated by the Ministry of Education with funding from the Education and Training Sector Improvement Programme (ETSIP). It includes government ministries and NOLNet stakeholders that can benefit from radio broadcasting. Its function is to provide quality educational radio programmes to be available on air throughout Namibia.  To date, Education Radio is broadcast on NBC national radio, UNAM radio and Live FM in Rehoboth. The Education Radio Project envisages all radio stations across the country to be recipients and disseminators (by air) of the content it produces in order to reach a wide range of beneficiaries. 

Standing Committee on Educational Radio Production

Mr. Manfred Isaacks- NAMCOL (Coordinator)

Mr. Cornelius Hess-NAMCOL

Ms. Elizabeth Brown-UNAM

Mr. Robin Tyson-UNAM

Mr. Ilukena Matengu-NIED


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