The Directorate for Lifelong Learning
08 Sep 2014

The Directorate for Lifelong Learning (DLL) within the Ministry for Education and Employment in Malta was set up in June 2009. The mission is to lift barriers for participation in adult learning so that the overall volume of participation in adult learning is increased and address the imbalances in participation in order to achieve a more equitable state of affairs.

The adult courses we offer covers a range of competencies: Languages, Mathematical, Science & Technology competences, Digital competence, Sense of Initiative and Entrepreneurship, Social, Health and Civic Competences. Besides, a number of Family Learning courses are on offer as well as a wide range of vocational and training courses.  Over 14,000 adult learners subscribe to one or more of the 400 courses on offer yearly.

All adult courses aim to reach from level 1 to level 4 on the National/European Qualifications Framework. More information about these courses may be viewed on

The DLL is responsible for a number of morning and evening adult classes centres (2nd Chance Schools) around Malta and Gozo – 10 centres in all. Each morning or evening centre is managed by a Centre Co-ordinator. Besides the Centre Co-ordinators, the Directorate employs a number of co-ordinators responsible for the development of specific subject-areas such as a Co-ordinator for Literacy (Maltese & English) and Numeracy, a Co-ordinator for ICT courses for adult learners, a Co-ordinator responsible for the development of languages and Culture courses and a Co-ordinator for Quality Assurance, Professional Development and Internal Audit.

The Directorate for Lifelong Learning (Malta) is also a member of The European Association for the Education of Adults (EAEA).

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